Izumi Farmstay Program Kagosima japan 



During their time with me they had many experiences like taking care of black pigs. They also harvested vegetables and happily cooked them. Their joy and enthusiasm made me very happy. It was a little difficult for me to communicate with them, and at first I was worried about language and cultural differences. However, after working with them I felt that they were the same as Japanese students. I hope I gave them my best hospitality. I learnt a lot through the opportunity of having their stay with me.
  Guests were really satisfied with our uttermost hospitality, and really impressed with the many experiences they had.
 I keep in touch with them after they return to their countries.
 I personally enjoy do on my farm together. I begin to feel that they are my real family. It is my pleasure to welcome guests from around the world.
  When the guests visited Izumi from Singapore, it was winter time and cold. I thought that they were cold so I gave them traditional winter coats to wear. They were surprised at the unique shape but they had fun and got warm. I had a chance to visit one of them in Singapore and worried whether he would remember me or not. However, when we met I saw a big smile on his face and then felt that he had a good time in Izumi.

  Dear otusan (father )and okasan(mother).
It has been a great pleasure to have this wonderful opportunity to learn so much from both of you.
We are eternally grateful to have experienced much about Japanese culture and life style.
We enjoyed tea ceremony, making pizza and okasan's excellent sanshin plus otousan's spontaneous dance .
We would like to come back and stay with you again.
  Hello Otosan(father)! I am doing good! Yes I enjoyed the visit and me and my friend miss you, okasan(mother), Kurume-chan(dog’s name) and Duke-kun(dog’s name) too!! I will definitely say hello to them. I lost contact with Lala and Wii, but I will try and get back to them.
I hope the secondary school teachers enjoyed their stay as much as we did during ours! WE MISS YOU OTO-SAN!!! Hope you and your family are doing fine!
  Dear: Otosan(father)
Greeting from Singapore!!
How are you and your family? We got back Singapore with many happy memories of Japan. Thank you very much for your hospitality and sharing your place with us. Sorry that we were not very good at feeding the pigs, but we really enjoyed ourselves.
Best wishes to you!! May we meet again!!